The PALMER HALL DANCE CLUB is a friendly, laid back club that is non-profit making and run for the enjoyment of its members. Members enjoy evenings of dancing to CDs on a club night and to live music on some "long nights". The club has been in existence since the late 1960s, no-one can remember exactly when it was formed but you can be certain that many hours of happy dancing have taken place there over the years.
New members and visitors are always made welcome, there are plenty of willing members to help if newcomers don't know the dances.
Modern Sequence Dancing is similar to Ballroom Dancing (As in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing) in that similar types of dances are danced, i.e. waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha cha, quickstep, and the tango. Other dances that are more common in sequence are saunters, blues, and swings. This is not a list of all the dances. The main difference between sequence and ballroom is that sequence dancers dance a set sequence of steps, all at the same time whilst travelling in an anti-clockwise direction around the room. Each dance has its own name and there are literally thousands of dances that have been invented over the years, with new dances being released on a regular basis. There is something for everyone in sequence dancing.
The dances are a mixture of old favourites that most sequence dancers already know and some of the more popular modern dances that are current in the nearby clubs. It tends to be something for everybody and program changes are not unheard of if visitors are sitting down!
If you enjoy dancing in a friendly atmosphere then the Palmer Hall Dance Club is somewhere you should try, we don't think you will regret it!
Members enjoy a range of events throughout the year, some of our evenings feature such titles as Fish & Chip Night and Pudding Night. Although from the titles you can imagine what goes on, there is always plenty of time for dancing to work down any excesses we may partake in. A fast jive is very good for burning off excess calories.

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A Long Night is a night that is longer than the normal club night and is usually considered to be an excuse for dressing up a little and more of an occassion than a normal club night. Long Nights are all Saturday Night dances and some Thursday nights, please see our Diary Dates page for Special Nights. Most long nights are catered for by the American Supper method. The Palmer Hall Dance Club tends to get a good attendance of visitors from other clubs on a long night.
An American Supper, sometimes called bring and share, is where everyone brings food to share at refreshment time, this is laid out on tables for all members and visitors to help themselves to. Tea and coffee is provided by the club.
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